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As part of the LMAP ENGLISH TEST for specific purpose family, the LMAP ENGLISH TEST – HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY is dedicated to evaluating the CEFR general level in English as well as the specific English skills used with the Hospitality industry


After completing the classic LMAP English test, candidates will advance to an additional module composed of 2 sections:

  • Written comprehension
  • Oral comprehension

The questions are based on specific topics employees may encounter while working at a hotel. They include: bookings and reservations; air and ground transportation, accommodations, accessibility and travel, pricing and packages, hotel features, room descriptions, restaurant descriptions, tourism, emergency situations, and asking questions.


The test provides :

  • A CEFR English level based on an accurate ten-level scale
  • A CEFR English level for the Hospitality industry section
  • An evaluation of specific skills, including written and oral comprehension

LMAP ENGLISH TEST – HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY is suitable for assessing a general level of English as well as the specific skills needed by hospitality workers. It is perfect for making sure your employees are properly qualified for their jobs.

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