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LMAP English tests offer an alternative to other well-known and expensive tests providing

  • State-of-the-art English proficiency assessments for international students, academic programs, workforce and young learners
  • 2Skills, 4Skills, Speaking, writing, job specific or on-demand with 15’ score delivery via encrypted PDFs and score verification platform
  • Online proctoring and secure testing environment using AI, no appointment needed, available from home on any device including smartphone, tablet, laptop and pc without plugin



New state-of-the-art ENGLISH proficiency assessment

Get certified CEFR proficiency level recognized all over the world, with video & writing interview option for more accurate admission and recruitment decisions

  • Multi-purpose one-stop-assessment
  • Accessible from anywhere including from home, at anytime and from anydevice including computer, tablet and smartphone without plugin
  • Secure online testing environment, computer adaptive technology and online proctoring without appointment needed
  • 15 to 70′ to complete the test, stop at the candidate’s level, get results from 15′ to 48H maximum using secure encrypted PDFs
  • CEFR native with high accuracy – 10 levels scale correlated with other well-known tests like TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC…
  • Video & writing interview coming at the end of the test. An option you can add using your own customized questions for recruitment purpose
  • Online score verification platform giving access to the CEFR scores, the score report, and the video & writing interview
  • Test administration manager platform for local administration
Anywhere - Anytime without appointment needed
Accessible from anywhere including from home without appointment needed
Increase your applicant flow with no limit even for tomorrow
Secure online testing environment
online proctoring using Artificial Intelligence and human supervisors in order to prevent from fraud and cheating
computer adaptive technology including secured internet navigation
Accessible from computer and smartphone with the same online security
CEFR Native with high accuracy and Candidate's interview option
10 levels scale correlated with other well-known tests like TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC…
Score delivery within 15′ via secure, encrypted PDF with candidate’s photo
Video & writing interview  for recruitment purpose


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